Could This App Help You Become A Cosmonaut?

How many of us have always dreamed of becoming a cosmonaut? Could This App Help You Become A Cosmonaut?

For lots of people, it’s been a cherished childhood dream, but only a handful of people get to experience what it’s like to be in space.

Now, you can find out exactly what life is like on a space station with this cool new app.

For some time now, the future of the gaming industry has been predicted to be around offering real-life experiences in a gaming style environment.

Over recent years, there has been a raft of gaming titles and apps which have offered us the opportunity to experience all kinds of jobs from pizza making to property development.

However, Space Nation Navigator takes this to a whole new level.

What Is Space Nation Navigator?

Available for download to iOS and Android devices, this fun app trains you to be a cosmonaut with a host of cool activities.

You can try physical fitness challenges and mind games, all of which have been developed with the collaboration of NASA.

The app has four different sections – the Shop, Profile, Missions and Base.

Could This App Help You Become A Cosmonaut?
What Is Space Nation Navigator?

You can easily switch between them to check out different types of content, all of which is centered around becoming a cosmonaut.

In the Base section, there is a wealth of space-related content. You can listen to podcasts and read appropriate articles as well as view your score including your training level, weekly points and rank.

There is also a leaderboard showing you the week’s top ranked players.

Scooping Some Prizes

All of this is pretty interesting, but that isn’t the real selling point. The real reason to play this app is because of the prizes which could be won.

If you complete 3 cycles of 12 weeks, you have the chance to be one of a hundred trainees who will be selected to attend a space training camp.

From those hundred participants, twelve will then be selected to participate in a ten week training camp in Iceland.

After that, the top performing participant will benefit from their own all-expenses-paid trip into space.

Now that makes downloading this app a pretty amazing proposition, especially for anyone who has always dreamed of becoming a cosmonaut.

The Fun Side

Even if you never win the prize of a trip to space, there’s still a whole lot of space-themed fun to be enjoyed with this app.

Could This App Help You Become A Cosmonaut?
The Fun Side

The Missions section lets you play a range of games which can give your score a much needed boost.

The Weekly Adventure takes you through a selection of activities and games to extend your abilities and challenge your body and brain.

The only way to complete that adventure is to beat every mission.Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the games.

They are seriously complex. Your brain will definitely be getting a workout.

Skills like multi-tasking are the name of the game, while the physical challenges let you track your activity level to see how it’s improving. It’ll certainly give you an insight into how a cosmonaut has to train.

Free Space-Themed Fun

You won’t need to pay a cent to try out Space Nation Navigator. The app is completely free to download.

Be aware, however, that there are some microtransactions involved. If you want to re-try any of the missions you’ll need to spend coins which can be collected during the game but also purchased in the Shop.

The most you can spend on coins is $170, and that’s certainly a lot cheaper than a trip into space!

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a cosmonaut, this could be the perfect way to try out the lifestyle, without ever leaving your sofa! And if you manage to win a trip to space, so much the better!

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