How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama

How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama

Kurama’s death has fans wondering if the Seventh Hokage can still be regarded as the second-strongest shinobi on earth after Sasuke Uchiha and how strong is Naruto without Kurama. Indeed, Kurama was the cause of Naruto’s incredible power.

Without him, Naruto would be without his go-to power when confronted with dire circumstances. Even though both of the heroes have since lost access to their primary source of power, this does not mean that they are completely helpless.

It is amazing that the Seventh Hokage still possesses a wide array of other talents, even after eliminating Kurama from the circumstance. Kurama was a significant factor in the issue. As a consequence of this, even after Kurama has passed away, Boruto still considers Naruto to be the second-strongest human.

Is Naruto Actually Powerless Without Kurama: Exploring The Strength

How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama

The fans are slowly coming to grips with the reality that the narrative Kurama will most likely not be revived and this leads to everyone worrying and questioning:

is Naruto weak without Kurama. If they do, there is a danger that the community may lose trust in the franchise since it would go on to show that the new characters are not powerful enough to engage their attention.

This would cause the community to question whether or not the franchise is worth investing in. In response to the question of whether or not Naruto is almost impotent without Kurama, it would seem that the Seventh Hokage still has a few trump cards in his inventory. 

Many would be surprised to learn that even without Kurama, Naruto is still rather formidable. Naruto has trained diligently in taijutsu and ninjutsu since he was a little boy, and it has paid off. He has the ability to forge Rasengans and Rasenshuriken, both of which are very devastating.

In addition, while in Sage Mode, Naruto is almost invincible. Even without Kurama, it is safe to say that Naruto is already at a high Kage level and has the ability to defeat any of the five leaders of the village. At the very least, his prowess is comparable to that of Minato, and even to Itachi to a certain level. 

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10 Powers That Naruto Will Have Without Kurama

How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama

Here are some powers Naruto without Kurama possess:

1. Immense Chakra

Since Naruto is an Uzumaki and a reincarnation of Ashura, he possesses a significant amount of chakra despite the fact that he does not have Kurama. If Naruto’s chakra did not limit Kuramas’ chakra, as Kakashi predicted at the beginning of the series, Naruto would have one hundred times more chakra than Kakashi.

2. Toad Sage Mode 
How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama

There are 17 distinct transformations available in the game, including Toad Sage Mode, often known as Sage Mode. A little speed and health increase are provided by this option. There are three main variations, including Naruto Sage Mode, which gives the wearer an orange ring around their eyes and a scarlet robe with black flames.

Along with the scroll that comes with the Naruto variant, the Jiraiyo variant also has red facial markings. Moreover, this form has two frogs, one on each shoulder. The only thing present in the Sage Mode version are Narotu’s eyes.

3. Heightened Senses

Because of this, Naruto’s range is far greater than that of a person who uses the Byakugan. It is possible to utilise this to unearth opponents who are concealing themselves. As a result, sneak assaults are rendered impossible.

4. Spectacular Reflexes

Naruto fearlessly engages in a thrilling battle with the third Raikage. The third Raikage is an incredibly powerful and swift Raikage! Naruto’s Sage mode and reflexes allowed him to successfully defend against the opponent’s almost light speed attacks in mid-air or motion.

5. Increased Durability

Because of his Uzumaki ancestry, Naruto has a high threshold for pain and suffering. However, after Kuramas’s passing, Naruto’s durability can no longer be regarded as something remarkable, with the exception of when he is in sage mode.

When Naruto was in Sage Mode, he was able to break the black rods of Pain with just his bare hands. On the other hand, certain Shinobi may be rendered immobile with even the slightest of touches.

6. Frog Fu

Combat techniques derived from the Senjutsu school of the Frog. Many experienced shinobi find its unorthodox postures and methods of improving speed and reflexes to be quite a surprise. Naruto utilises Frog Kumite to defeat the Six Paths of Pain.

7. Enhanced Super Strength

When Naruto is training on Mount Myoboku, he is able to lift extremely heavy stone statues with an incredible amount of ease.  This by itself ought to be sufficient to suffice his strength.

8. Tailed Beast Chakra 

Despite Naruto loses Kurama, he still has access to the abilities of the other Tailed Beasts. He obtained a piece of each Tailed Beast’s chakra during the Fourth Great Ninja War, and ever then, he has used this strength to great use in all of his battles. 

9. Lava Relese Kekkei Genkal 

Naruto was born without any Kekkei Genkai skills, but as the series proceeded, he was able to acquire a few. Naruto may use his Kekkei Genkai because he has access to the chakra of Son Gok, the four-tailed beast.

10. Ink Creation

Naruto was able to employ Ink Creation during his battle with Kaguya Otsuki because of the might of Gyuki. He was shown giving his Rasenshuriken its strength so that he may fight Kaguya first. 


Q1. Can Kurama return to life?
Ans. No, Kurama won’t return to life. Although some new beast could enter the show. 

Q2. Who is the strongest Shinobi after the death of Kurama?
Ans. Naruto is the strrongest shinobi after the death of Kurama. 

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