Tylor Perry Madea Movies In Order [Complete List]

Tylor Perry Madea Movies In Order [Complete List]

Tylor Perry Madea Movies In Order are Diary Of A Mad Black Woman (2005), Meet The Browns (2008), Madea Goes To Jail (2009), I Can Do Bad All By Myself (2009), Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011), Madea’s Witnesses Protection (2012).

The first Madea movie appeared in 2005, which got a huge popularity and then it started making sequels and after sequels.We all are aware of Madea films and their popularity all over the world. Tylor Perry has the main role of Madea in their movies and Perry’s career is back to the movie industry in the 1990s when he was doing Road Shows.

Every Madea movie got a different response from the audience and they made a total box office collection of approximately $558,593,220. Perry’s appearance on television is highly appreciated and his Made movies have divisive popularity in the cinema industry.

At present, Tyler Perry has a net worth of more than 100 crores USD, which is a massive figure for everyone. Tyler Perry has made people shocked with the new movie named ‘A Madea Homecoming’.

The character of Madea has a huge fan base and that’s why this character came upon in a new movie. If you are new to watching Madea movies then just read the whole article, it will be very helpful for you to get some interesting information.

OrderMovie NameRelese Year
1Diary Of A Mad Black Woman2005
2Meet The Browns (2008)2008
3Madea Goes To Jail (2009)2009
4I Can Do Bad All By Myself (2009)2010
5Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011)2011
6Madea’s Witnesses Protection (2012)2012
7A Madea’s Christmas (2013)2013
8Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016)2016

There is always a question among the audience whether they should watch the movie in a particular order or they can watch it standalone. That’s why we have given the information about all the movies in a particular order so that you don’t have to face any issues.

Complete List Of Madea Movies In Order

Well, there are different Madea movies till now and we have arranged all the movies as per their release dates. So don’t jump anywhere and watch them in proper order.

1. Diary Of A Mad Black Woman (2005)

This is the first movie of the franchise that gets quite popular. The story is about a woman named Helen, who wants to celebrate her 18th anniversary with her husband but her husband rejects her because of a young lady.

Madea Movies In Order

Helen and Steve were ready to celebrate their anniversary. But when Helen comes the home, she saw that her belongings are packed into a U-Haul van sitting. She also saw a wardrobe of luxury items, she believed that it is a big surprise for her. But she was incorrect, Steve intends to divorce her because of a young lady

It was a tough situation for her but Helen goes with her grandmother Made, who is an old woman. She always keeps a pistol with her for any emergency, she teaches some basic lessons about life. Helen got some confidence, regains her independence, and meet a new man, Orlando.

IMDb has given this movie a rating of 5.6 and the movie has done a box office collection of 5.07 crore USD.

2. Meet The Browns (2008)

You will be amazed to know that Meet the Browns is not a Madea film, there was just a cameo appearance of Madea in this picture.

Madea Movies In Order

In this movie, the main role is played by Brenda who lives in Chicago. One day, she got to know that her father is no more than she ever met in her life. On the same day, she also left her job to attend her father’s funeral, which was in Georgia.

Brenda has struggled a lot to fulfill the basic demands of her children. Later on, she goes to Georgia and wants to build some relationship with the family of her father, she discovers a new relationship that could just alter her life.

This movie kept the audience sitting at their desk the whole time. IMDb has given a rating of 4.3 to this movie and it has a total box office collection of 4.2 crore USD.

3. Madea Goes To Jail (2009)

In this movie, the police were chasing Madea because of the crime she had done. The police successfully caught her and sent them to jail. The Judge had also suspended her license and sent her to the anger treatment center.

Madea Movies In Order

When Madea came home after court, she saw that there is partly happening at her house. Her brother throws the party to liven up the mood but she doesn’t like it and uses the machine gun to keep partygoers away.

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She has already too many criminal records and she also declines the court order of joining the anger management program. Further, she met with serial murderer Sophia Vergara, who was released for some time due to some technicality.

This is the most successful Madea movie, got a rating of 4.4 from IMDb, and has a total box. office collection of $90.5 million.

4. I Can Do Bad All By Myself (2009)

In this movie, a group of teenagers tried to loot Madea’s home but when Made confronts them, they confess that their guardian is Aunt April (Henson), a failed nightclub singer.

Madea Movies In Order

April has a very tough and painful story, as her married boyfriend is opposed to doing anything with their children. But when April meets with Sandino, an immigrant seeking employment. She share everything and got to know that now she has to take a big step further.

She has to choose Randy’s bad habits or should start a new life with love. This movie got an amazing response. IMDb has given this movie a rating of 4.5 and the box office collection was 5.17 crore USD.

5. Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011)

This is a family-based movie where Madea played the main role. When she got to know that her niece Shirley is diagnosed with cancer, she aim to bring the whole family together and let them know about it.

Madea wants that Shirley’s grown children should know this but all of them are already busy solving their pre-occupied problems. There is also a new entry of Cora and Mr. Brown in this movie.

Madea Movies In Order

So Madea just wants to let keep things running in the right way and she knows it will be possible only with a lot of love. It is a heart-warming movie, which got a rating from IMDb of 4.6 and the box office collection of this movie was 5.42 crore USD.

6. Madea’s Witnesses Protection (2012)

This was the second-highest box office collection movie by Tyler Perry. She got this achievement when she was making the noise of retiring this character. But fans loved her appearance in the movie and she decided that she will continue further with this character.

Madea Movies In Order

In this movie, Madea’s nephew George is a financial officer of an investment bank in New York. When George came to this work from home, he got to know from his supervisor that the bank is under the Ponzi scheme and it was operated by the mob, so there will be an investigation of money laundering.

The whole family of George was invited to Atlanta and they also promise that their family will be secured by the mob because the crowd started threatening George. That’s why they decided to shift to Madea’s mansion in Atlanta.

This remains an interesting movie all the time that keeps people attached to it. This movie got a rating of 4.8 and the total box office collection remains 6.69 crore USD, which remains a big achievement for this movie.

7. A Madea’s Christmas (2013)

It is interesting and fun to watch this movie, as this is the first movie by Made where the main focus was done on holidays. So it is also an interesting thing to see the look of Madea in Santa look and how she is tackling things effectively.

Madea Movies In Order

 As she got enticed after seeing her daughter with a friend and thought to make this Christmas special for everyone just like she celebrated in the countryside. In this movie, Madea’s remedy is to wear a Santa suit and treat anybody who comes in between her wonderful life.

Madea visits Alabama to assist her niche Eillen. There are also some amazing characters in this movie like Larry The Cable Guy, Alicia Whitt, and Chad Michael Murray who deals with interracial dating and racial friction.

There are a lot of funny things in this movie that everyone should watch out for. The character of Madea is quite amazing and that is the main reason why this movie got tremendous success. IMDb has given this movie a rating of 4.8 and the box office collection of this movie remains up to 5.34 crore USD.

8. Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016)

After getting the success of Christmas Holidays, Madea came again with a holiday-based movie. But this time as a Halloween. This is a horror-comedy movie in which Madea has to face different creatures along her whole journey.

Madea Movies In Order

In this movie, the real Perry left the town on Halloween night. She gave the responsibility to Aunt Madea to take care of her children so that they cannot throw a house party in the absence of her presence.

Later on, Perry has to confront zombies, killers, and ghosts in her comedic adaption. Tiffany and her friends were also invited to the Halloween party but Tiffany’s father prohibits him to attend that party.

Joe pretends himself as a clown to terrify the woman and their friend Hattie also supported that time. Brain told Madea to make sure that Tiffany stays away from the party but Tiffany and Aday create a ghost story, which convinces the adults to retreat to their beds. Now when Madea saw girls at the party, she tried to crash it, and it was expelled.

Then Bam calls the cop and said that there is an underage girl at the party, Tiffany. But all of them disguise themselves as a ghost in Tiffany’s voice. Madea, Bam, and Hattie left the house immediately but Joe stays there and defeated the frat boy as the psychotic clown.

When Madea crosses the church, she saw that Aday’s parents are preachers. She believes that this is the punishment and supernatural threat for her sins. This is an amazing story of Madea that everyone loves to watch.

If we talk about the rating then it is 4.5 from IMDb and they have a massive box office collection of 7.48 crore USD.

9. A Madea Family Funeral (2019)

A Made Family Funeral’ was believed to be the last movie of this franchise but it remains suspense for all the viewers. You will get amazed to know that Madea didn’t make any suicide attempts, it remains a mystery and the story of this movie is loved by every Madea franchise fan.

Madea Movies In Order

Well, this was the comeback of Madea’s non-holiday movie. Yes, she came back with this type of movie after two years. Madea doesn’t commit suicide, she just takes the burden of organizing a funeral when a member of the family dies unexpectedly.

But further, Vianne and Anthony’s children want to show some respect to their parents on their 40th wedding anniversary. That’s why they also invited Madea, Hattie, Joe, Brian, and Aunt Bam. But things were not going as per their expectations.

When all of them visited the hotel, they will get surprised to know that Anthony has a sexual relationship with Vianne’s friend, Renee. It was a heartbreaking moment for many people standing there.

But later on, Anthony has to go with a heart attack as a result of having sex with Renee. He got died after staying some time in the hospital. All the people standing there are agreed to keep this death a secret case but Anthony’s son A.J. blames Rennee for his father’s demise.

This is an interesting movie to watch and Madea has also confirmed that this will be his final chapter of the franchise. IMDb has given this movie a rating of 4.5 and their box office collection is about 7.58 crores USD.

10. A Madea Homecoming —, 2022

The character of Madea is quite different in this movie and her acting is considered the funnies in the whole franchise. As there are some genuine laughs in the movie but will not be considered the best movie.

Madea Movies In Order

It is all about the timing of jokes Madea was hitting and how much vulgar comedy she can do. In this movie, Madea brings back the whole family because her grandson had completed graduation. But when her grandson, Tim back to Madea’s home, he was accompanied by his roommate Davi. Details About Where Does Attack On Titan Take Place?

Later on, Davi gets his characterization in the movie and the main reason is to cross over with Madea. The who movie shines because of Madea’s role whether we talk about F-Bombs, her position of handling guns, or any other reason.

This is an amazing moment between Tim and his family members. The character of love is shown in the whole movie and how a family is important for everyone. There was nothing clear about the role of Davi that we found in this movie.

Well, we cannot say that this is an Oscar-based movie because everything is not developed properly. Sometimes jokes were not too funny but overall, it is an amazing movie to watch especially the role of Madea.

The story is all about a family and how family members love each other in every situation. So if you are a fan of Madea characters then just don’t forget to watch this amazing movie. Madea had played an interesting role in the movie that we have not seen in their other movies.

This is a 2022 movie so we don’t have the exact information about their total collections m with this movie. But IMDb has given them a rating of 5.6.

Will Tyler Perry Make Any More Madea Movies?

Madea became the most successful franchise for Tyler Perry. She has done a total of 11 movies with the Madea franchise and she decided to leave the Madea family in 2019 after doing ‘A Madea Family Funeral’.

But she is back with ‘A Madea Homecoming’ in 2022. Well, she decided not to back and will focus on the production company and studio.

But few things happened to her and she just changed her mind and back to Madea one more time. She played an amazing role in ‘A Madea Homecoming’ and played a role that the audience always loves to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What order do the Madea movies go in?

The Madea movie was started with Diary of Mad Black Woman in 2005. So users should watch this first and should watch all others as per their release time.

2. What Madea movie do you watch first?

The Diary of a Mad Black Woman is the first movie that users should watch while starting Madea movies.

3. What Madea movie is the funniest?

In my consideration, Madea Goes to Jail is the funniest movie of all movies.

4. What is Madea’s full name?

Mabel Madea Earlene Simmons is the full name of the role of Madea played by Tyler Perry.

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