Tinker Bell Movies In Order: When They Were Released?

Tinker Bell Movies In Order: When They Were Released?

Tinker Bell is a very popular movie series, which is based on a fairy tale named Tinker Bell. She is a powerful fairy who lives in Pixie Hollow and can fix anything.

The debut of Tinker Bell happened in 1953 in Peter Dan’s film and from there, the character got huge popularity. Today Tinker Bell is considered one of the most iconic Disney characters.

The first Tinker Bell movie was released in 2008, which got some amazing reviews from analysts and critics. Later on, the franchise decided to create some more Tinker Bell movies and very soon they become a very popular Disney Franchise.

The story is about the happening of different events in the life of Tinker Bell. If we talk about the rating of this series then IMDb has given them 6.7 out of 10. The total box office collection of Tinker Bell is about $175,997,380, which is a big achievement for a franchise.

The Tinker Bell character was not new in 2008 because this character was already appeared in Peter Pan and got huge popularity also. But then Disney started a new series of Tinker Bell as an animation movie and a prequel to Peter Pan.

One more thing I would like to clarify is that it doesn’t make any sense if you are not watching the series in order. You can watch them standalone or in any order you want to see them.

As we know there are many Tinker Bell movies and if you want to know more about them then just stay with us in this article. We have given brief information about their movies in order of their release.

List Of All Tinker Bell Movies In Order Of Release In 2022

So here is the complete list of Tinker Bell Movies in order so that you don’t have to go through any confusion.

Tinker Bell (2008)

This movie starts with the birth of Tinker Bell whom the wind brings to the Pixie Hollow. After some time, Tinker Bell got to know that she is a tinker fairy who can fix anything very easily. She loves to spend most of her time with a tinker fairy named Bobble Clank, who was a teacher also.

In the story, she got to meet with some other fairies also and found that Vidia, a flying fairy doesn’t like her because of the powers she has. Tinker Bell also wants to go to the mainland but Vidia told her that she needs to prove herself before going there.

The challenges faced by Tinker Bell are quite amazing in this movie, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity of this movie. IMDb has given them the rating of 6.7 and if we talk about the total collection then it is about 92 lakhs USD.

Earning that much amount from a starting series is always a dream of every franchise. It is a big achievement of this movie and the rest we all know about it. The actor and actress of the movie have done very good work that has attracted users all over the world.

Tinker Bell also has a role to entertain kids and she did her role very well in the whole movie. She also has accepted her post in her life, which everyone cannot do. The success story of this movie made the franchise work again for their next story.


Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure (2009)

In the next part of this series, Tinker Bell got to learn that all the powers are coming just because of the moonstone, it is the main source of all magic. Pixie Hollow told Tinker Bell to make sure that everything is fine with moonstone so that the Pixie dust supply should not get interrupted.

The story was running smoothly but the main trouble for Tinker Bell rises when she breaks the moonstone. There will be huge trouble she has to face if she doesn’t get the best option.

For now, she has to find the enchanted mirror and also has to go with the assistance of pestering Pixie Terence so that she can fix the moonstone. In her whole journey, she has to face many challenges, which is something we love about this movie.

Moonstone is like a treasure for them because all the powers are based on that particular thing. But breaking the moonstone causes a huge amount of damage for Tinker Bell.

During the whole journey, Tink also meets some new friends like Blaze, who is a firefly who helps Tinker Bell to complete her mission. It is an exciting journey with some encounters and some narrow escapes to rescue. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is an exciting adventure and a perfect drama for the whole family.

So if we talk about the movie rating then IMDb has given them 6.7 and the total box office collection remains at 85.8 lakh USD.

Tinker Bell Movies  In Order: When They Were Released

Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue (2010)

In this movie, all the fairies visit the flowering meadows of England. The fairies were there to explore new things and Tinker Bell find a little girl who always believes in fairies and always believe in them.

There was a good relationship between Tinker Bell and that girl but the friend of Tinker Bell thought that the girl had captured Tinker Bell. Then they start making some plans to rescue her. All of them went to the little girl’s house and they got to know that Tinker Bell and that little girl are good friends.

Tinker Bell’s character is quite amazing where she launched a daring reduction and put her own life and the futures of fairies at high risk. This action-based adventure takes all the fairies of Pixie Hollow to London to save Tinker Bell. The story of this movie remains interesting all the time and people just love to watch it.

Later on, when they got to know the girl’s condition, they all decide to help Tinker Bell to solve the relationship issue between that girl and her father. If we talk about its total rating then they got 6.8 from IMDb and the box office collection of this movie was 1.09 crore USD.

Tinker Bell Movies  In Order: When They Were Released

The Secret Of The Wings (2012)

In this movie of Tinker Bell, she has the main target is to find her sister at any cost. To find her, she goes to the Winter Woods where she has a face chilly winters all the time. It was a very tough task for her to find her sister in these conditions.

While searching for her sister, she was remembering all the memories and moments that she spend with her. But after some time, they were separated due to some reasons, now she is desperate to find her sister and can do anything to take her to their home.

Tinker Bell has faced so many challenges in Winter Woods, the main thing was that her wings were fully covered there. Once in her journey, she fall from a cliff and was not able to fly properly but at the last moment, a large cat saved her and let her go to complete the mission.

After searching for a while, Tinker Bell noticed that her winds started sparkling, which indicates that she is about to meet her sister very soon.

The Secret of the Wings got too much popularity where IMDb has rated 6.8 and the total box office collection was about 6.75 crore USD.

Tinker Bell Movies  In Order: When They Were Released?

The Pirate Fairy (2014)

This is an interesting movie of Tinker Bell in which the fairies have to face some new challenges. In this movie, there is an entry dust-keeper fairy named Zarina, who has a negative role in this movie and the other fairies are not aware of it.

Zarina just wants to fool all other fairies and want to steal all the Pixie Hollow’s important Pixie Blue Dust. Later on, she goes to the partners with the pirates of Skull Rock.

Once, all the other fairies got to know that she is stealing things, they decided to team up together so that they can easily find Zarina and keep all the things in their right place.

Well, this is one of the most challenging situations for all the fairies through which they will get to know their potential and hidden powers inside them.

The actual challenge and the interest in this movie come with the entry of Zarina. The talents of Tinker Bell and other fairies got switched. Another reason for the success of this movie is that the voice was the same in the whole series in every movie, so the viewers always get connected with this series and have enjoyed it a lot.

It is not only challenging but viewers love to see those challenges faced by the fairies. IMDb has given a rating of 6.5 to this movie and there is a collection of 3.2 crore USD.


The Pirate Fairy (2014)

Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The Never Beast (2015)

This is the last movie of the Tinker Bell Series that is quite amazing and on a serious note. Queen Clarion ordered the Fawn to help a baby hawk to bring it to its rightful position. There was an amazing journey but she found a huge creature lying down.

Fawn was on his journey but she noticed that the creature is trying to move some rocks, especially for building purposes. All these things were also noticed by Scout fairy, she immediately went to the library and try to get more information about that creature.

When she started searching, she got to know that the creature is Gruff who awakens once every millennium and destroys the entire Pixie Hollow.

But later, in the end, Gruff was considered a real hero who helped the denizens. Fawn also learns that it is the right time for Gruff to go to the hibernation for thousands of years again. All the other fairies pay their final respects and Fawn also ensures that she will be with him whenever he is in need.

Tinker Bell Movies  In Order: When They Were Released

IMDb has given the rating of 7.1 and the overall box office collection of this movie remains up to 3.12 across USD.

How many Tinkerbell Movies are there?

Till now, there are six Tinker Bell Movies, which are related in different years as we have mentioned above. All these Tinker Bell movies have a very popular iconic character named Tinker Bell created by Disney.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Will there be a 7th Tinkerbell movie?

Ans. Currently, there is no information on whether the 7th Tinker Bell movie will release or not. But earlier, it was planned that a seventh Tinker Bell movie is going to release in 2020, name will be Tinker Bell and The Unknown Season. But due to some personal reasons, the Walt Disney Company has closed the production studio, now there is no further information.

Q. What order do the Peter Pan movies go in?

Ans. The Peter Pan movie is a prequel to Tinker Bell. So if you want to watch Peter Pan movie’s in order then you should start with Peter Pan- A chronological Story, Finding Neverland (2004), Neverland (2011), Neverland- Never Grow up, Never Grow Old (2003), Walt Disney’s Peter Pan (1953), Peter Pan (2003), Disney’s Return to Never Land (2002), Hook (1991), Pan (2015).

Is Tinkerbell and the NeverBeast the last movie?

Ans. Yes, it is the sixth and final movie of the Tinker Bell series. This is the final movie produced by Disneytoon Studio and it was produced three years before the closure of the production house.


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