The Hidden Meaning Behind ‘What A Drag Naruto’: A Closer Look

The Hidden Meaning Behind ‘What A Drag Naruto’: A Closer Look

I’m sure procrastinators reading this response can identify with Shikamaru (except for the I.Q. aspect, huh? Humour). Shikamaru is a chronic procrastinator. When he was facing a defeat in the Konoha chunin examinations, he act to sleep under genjutsu, although being as awake as a morning bird.

Naruto’s world is full with colourful characters. While some are largely utilise for comedic relief and make outlandish pronouncements, others are famous for sprinkle pearls of wisdom on a daily basis. However, there are rare occasions when a character does both. Most procrastinators would certainly identify with Shikamaru (except for the part about his IQ, huh! Humour). Shikamaru is not the most dependable guy since he procrastinates. Worse, he was unconscious under genjutsu when Konoha was facing an assault during the chunin tests, while being fully awake.

Is there a reason Shikamaru says “What A Drag”?

What A Drag Naruto

Shikamaru’s What a Drag is famously known. Shikamaru describes him as a drag since he is lethargic and does not want to put up any effort. It’s his signature song. Shikamaru, despite being a skilled ninja and chunin, thinks “what a drag” since anything more than the normal amount of labour is too much for him. 

Shikamaru is terrified of hard labour as a result of his extreme sloth. He dislikes his resting posture, which is disrupted by hectic schedules and onerous job commitments. He wants drag to indicate a lot of work. When he refers to anything as a drag, it’s because he’s annoyed that he needs to put in some physical effort to complete it, which means he can’t relax and rest like he used to. 

How Come Shikamaru Is So Lazy?

What A Drag Naruto

It’s a technique of demonstrating Shikamaru’s intelligence. The more intellectual a person is, the easier life becomes for them. It’s more difficult for them to feel challenging (keep in mind that Shikamaru was in the same class as Naruto, who was clearly not the sharpest student in the school, thus he acquire the same things Naruto did). Instead of working hard and preparing for an exam, he discovered that he could get by with little effort and simply depend on his intelligence.

Shikamaru’s determination to live a simple life is influenced by his laziness. His intellect, on the other hand, guarantees that he finds most assignments shockingly simple. He received just mediocre grades for his efforts at the Ninja Academy. One of the Shikamaru quotes which defines his laziness and simple living prespective is  “Sometimes, I Wish I Was A Cloud, Just Floating Along.”

Shikamaru is so lethargic because he wants nothing more than an ordinary existence. He’s clarify this fact as he wants a straightforward ninja career that goes as easily and routinely as possible. Shikamaru’s laziness has a lot to do with his desire to live humbly. Having said that, his brilliance means that a lot of things come naturally to him. In the ninja academy, he received middle-of-the-road, ordinary marks. It wasn’t until the chunin examinations that Shikamaru’s sensei revealed that he is a genius with an IQ of above 200.

Some Other Thoughts on Why Shikamaru Says “What A Drag”

Why is Shikamaru so clever? His father was the Jnin Commander of Konoha, and Sensei Asuma dupe Shikamaru into playing a slew of strategic games that sharpen and evaluate his intelligence. Shikamaru remarks “what a drag” because he is lazy and simply wants to perform the bare minimum of effort. He want to live a normal life, despite the fact that his superior mind pushes him up in the ninja world to finish even more labour. 


Q1. What is Shikamaru’s power?
Ans. Shikamaru’s skills are based on the Shadow Imitation Technique. His clan’s hallmark technique, in which he fuses his shadow with an opponent’s shadow. Given this,  immobilising them and forcing them to mirror Shikamaru’s motions.

Q2. What does what a drag mean?
Ans. He means hard effort when he says drag. If he mentions drag, it suggests he is in trouble and he must now physically strain himself to complete the activity, which means he cannot sleep or rest. It’s a type of city slang (which, to be clear, does not indicate any kind of violence. 

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