What Episode Does Naruto Become Hokage in Boruto

What Episode Does Naruto Become Hokage in Boruto

Many of us are wondering when does naruto become Hokage? Well, your answer is Naruto finally became the Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure at the age of thirty-one in episode 18 of Boruto, Naruto the Movie, titled “A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family.” Many people expected and contemplating does Naruto to become a Hokage at the end of Naruto Shippuden, but this did not happen. Instead, the show concludes with Naruto marrying Hinata and Kakashi remaining as the sixth Hokage. 

At What Age Does Naruto Become Hokage?

What Episode Does Naruto Become Hokage in Boruto

Does Naruto become the Hokage and the age at which Naruto becomes a Hokage is a huge question for Naruto’s fan club. Because there is no clear timetable established throughout the series, determining the appropriate age for Naruto becoming a Hokage in Boruto, Naruto the Movie is tricky. In a scene between Naruto Shippuden and Boruto in an OVA episode, Naruto officially becomes Hokage. 

This OVA episode was included in the Boruto: Naruto the Movie limited-edition DVD and Blu-ray versions. In episode 18 of the Boruto series also shows Naruto becoming Hokage. This occurs, however, solely through a flashback to the events as stated below:

  • Naruto Next Generation depicts a flashback to Naruto’s tenure as Hokage. The episode begins with Himawari suffering from a fever and Boruto keeping an eye on her. Boruto’s compassionate contact with Himawari seemed to demonstrate how much he loved and cared for his family.
  • After she departs, Boruto takes up a picture of the four of them wearing Naruto’s Hokage robes and remarks that they too struggled with Himawari during the time. It seems that this is related to Naruto’s term as Hokage.
  • The scenario that follows opens with Boruto and Himawari returning to their bed at night. Hinata is worried because the inauguration ceremony starts early the following day and she appears to be waiting for Naruto, who is running late.
  • As other wonder does Naruto become Hokage? Naruto himself mumbles drunkenly that he will undoubtedly become Hokage one day, making everyone chuckle and reminisce about the good old days. The next day, Hinata gets up early to pick up Naruto’s Hokage Haori, which was supposed to be delivered that day. She instructs Naruto to accompany the children to the venue as she would.
  • Unfortunately, it appears like the children are arguing over whether or not to bring Himawari’s pink panda plush to the ceremony since Boruto fears that he would be forced to carry it at the conclusion, which would be embarrassing. The plushy rips apart because of this argument because Himawari, on the other hand, is adamant to carry it along.

Himawari’s Hidden Power and Naruto’s Hokage Inauguration

What Episode Does Naruto Become Hokage in Boruto

In an intriguing turn of events, Himawari accidentally awakens Byakugan after discovering her favourite toy shattered. This is completely unheard of considering how much hard training is needed to awaken the Byakugan. She rushes to attack Boruto with Halted Chakra Point in her rage. 

By stepping in front of Boruto, Naruto tries to stop her. But she hits him with a finger and he loses consciousness. He is in such state when Hinata gets home. She observes that he will be unconscious all day as a result. Concerned that the ritual would run over, Kakashi and Shikamaru have Konohamaru turn into Naruto so they may finish it with him.

Similarities Between Father And Son

The show pans back to the present in the final section. Naruto’s frequent absences from home are brought up by Boruto, illuminating the fact that their relationship is continually deteriorating. Soon later, Naruto returns home anxious about Himawari, and the two of them begin clumsily communicating.

Once more, after an absurd argument over what Himawari should eat, Hinata kicks them both out of the house for being too loud. They begin pointing the finger at one another before Naruto says he needs to return to the workplace. Until Naruto notices that his child is hungry and offers to take him out to dinner, Boruto appears disappointed.


Q1. Is Naruto the 7th Hokage in Boruto?
Ans. Yes, the seventh Hokage is Naruto Uzumaki.

Q2. What episode is Kakashi Hokage?
Ans. The Hokage in Episode 219 is Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi is formally propose as the new Hokage by the Leaf Elders.

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