In Which Episode Does Kakashi Become Hokage?

In Which Episode Does Kakashi Become Hokage?

Every Naruto/anime fan has the curiosity to search: when does Kakashi become hokage? Well, at the age of 32, Kakashi Hatake succeeded Tsunade as the Sixth Hokage. If Tsunade hadn’t woken up from her coma and kept doing her job, he could have been Hokage sooner. Kakashi was hesitant to take on the role of Hokage but did so for a total of 13 years.

Kakashi is a memorable character whose story is told throughout the series. He is easily recognisable thanks to his silver hair, masked face, and sharingan eye, all of which make him a striking figure. 

In the “Naruto” world, the Hokage is the top military figure. The Kage is one of the nation’s most powerful and well-respected commanders and is in charge of the shinobi in the Land of Fire. The elevation of Kakashi to the prestigious post of Hokage, the village’s leader, is one of the most important turning points in his journey.

This incident represents a turning point in his life since it underlines his important place in the community and recognises his commitment, perseverance, and wisdom. Let’s learn more about this!

At What Age Does Kakashi Become Hokage ?

Here is a timeline indicating the age, when kakashi became the hokage: 

According to the characters in “The Last” movie, a time lapse of 2 years has occurred, indicating that Naruto would be between the ages of 19 and 20 during his marriage to Hinata Hyuga. It is evident that Kakashi had been serving as the Sixth Hokage for a period of two years at this point. At this point in time, Naruto had achieved the rank of Jounin.

Hinata gave birth to their first son Boruto Uzumaki one year after the events of “The Last” with Naruto and Hinata’s marriage. While Naruto and Hinata were still Jounins and Chunins, respectively, Kakashi was serving a three-year tenure as Hokage.

Himawari was born five years earlier than Boruto, by a factor of five. For eight years, Kakashi served as Hokage. When Naruto was sworn in as the Seventh Hokage, Boruto was 10 and Himawari was 5 years old. This was two years after the beginning of the Boruto series.

Kakashi’s 13-year rule in Konoha came to an end when he was 47 years old, while Naruto was 31. In Boruto, Mist ninja Kagura Karatachi said he was born 15 years after the Fourth Great Ninja War. After two years, Boruto began. Boruto begins with Naruto 33 and Kakashi 49.

Kakashi loved Kahryo, sister of Gahro and Ice Style users like Haku. Kahryo may have been Haku’s mother. Might Guy unexpectedly helped Kakashi combat hot air balloons. After Mui’s death, Kakashi nominated Kahryo to the Leaf-Cloud-Grass higher-ups for Hidden Grass Village’s Hozuki Castle/Blood Prison.  

Hence, after this mission was successfully accomplished, Kakashi became the sixth hokage replacing Tsunade in that role at the age 32.

Did Kakashi Want To Become Hokage?

Kakashi seems to have become Hokage more as a result of the circumstances than of any intrinsic motivation on his own. He was appointed as the 6th Hokage after Tsunade entrusted him with the responsibilities. He came close to becoming the Hokage because of Tsunade’s health issues.

At that time, it was believed that Kakashi possessed exceptional abilities as a Shinobi, which made him a strong candidate for the position of Hokage. It seems that he was a strong candidate for the position of the 5th Hokage, but ultimately Tsunade was chosen as the more suitable candidate at that time.

Tsunade is a highly skilled and experienced member of the Legendary Sanin who possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise to effectively lead the Hidden Leaf Village. Although Kakashi is undoubtedly a skilled Shinobi, it could be said that he falls slightly short in comparison to the legendary Sanin, Tsunade.

In addition, it should be noted that Kakashi became the 6th Hokage in order to honour the final request of his dear friend, Obito.

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How Did Kakashi Proved His Abilities Facing Many Hokage Challanges?

Despite having little enthusiasm for his new role as Hokage, Kakashi never neglected his responsibilities and accomplished much more than the previous Hokage. Additionally, he was in charge of the Village until Naruto was old enough to take over.

Kakashi restored tranquilly and prosperity to the kingdom as the Hokage. Kakashi assisted in completely reconstructing the community and modernising it. Even when the aftereffects of the Fourth Ninja War were still being felt, he lay the groundwork for the Hidden Leaf Village’s scientific revolution.

The conflict entirely devastated and decimated everything in the Naruto universe, leaving everything in ruins. Due to the restoration of the Konoha village, Kakashi carried a heavy weight as the Hokage. The Copy Ninja Brilliantly completed all of his tasks and quickly recreated the community.

3 Reasons Why Kakashi Was An Excellent Hokage

  • Chino and Nowaki gladly welcomed Kakashi’s offer to release captive ninjas. Sasuke helped Chino and Nowaki escape a vengeance plot, destroying gigantic meteors threatening Hidden Leaf village.
  • By keeping the Land of Fire active and making sure delegates arrived at meetings, Kakashi helped bring about the post-war peace.
  • Kakashi sent several of his former pupils to arrest and catch the brainwashed ninja assaulting the community, believing an enemy force was utilising genjutsu to manipulate ninjas from many countries.


Q1. How long was Kakashi Hokage?
Ans. Kakashi was hokage for a total of 13 years. 

Q2. Why did Kakashi step down as Hokage?
Ans. Kakashi resigned as Hokage to aid Naruto since he never wanted to be one.  Kakashi delegated his duties to Naruto when he was confident in his abilities.

Q3. Why did Kakashi quit Hokage?
Ans. When Kakashi discovered another qualified candidate for hokage, Naruto, he quit from his position.

Q4. Who stayed longest as Hokage?
Ans. Hiruzen Sarutobi stayed the longest as hokage! 

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