Analyzing Who is Stronger – Naruto or Sasuke [update 2023]

Analyzing Who is Stronger – Naruto or Sasuke [update 2023]

It’s difficult to overlook Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha’s enduring rivalry and camaraderie while talking about excellent anime characters that are competitors. They first started fighting when they were kids, and along with Sakura Haruno and their master Hatake Kakashi, they established Team Kakashi.

Sasuke seemed to have an advantage over Naruto in the first anime, but Naruto became the village’s greatest shinobi and gained the title of Hokage. Does it imply that Naruto is more powerful than Sasuke? Sasuke and Naruto’s last battle resulted in a stalemate, demonstrating their parity after Naruto Shippuden. Sasuke has, however, consistently outperformed Naruto by a small margin, according to every Naruto Character Official Guidebook published as of this writing.

Abilities Naruto and Sasuke 

Naruto’s abilities

Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Sasuke


  • Naruto is proficient in using various ninjutsu techniques.
  • He has a vast repertoire of jutsu, including the Rasengan, Shadow Clone Jutsu, and the Rasenshuriken.
  • He also has an affinity for wind nature chakra, which he incorporates into his techniques.


  • Naruto is not as skilled in taijutsu as some other characters but has still shown proficiency.
  • He learned the basics of taijutsu from his mentor, Jiraiya.
  • He has also developed his unique style, incorporating his physical strength and speed.


  • Naruto needs to improve in genjutsu, which is one of his weaknesses.
  • He has some resistance to it due to his strong willpower, but he is not immune to it.

Sage Mode

  • Sage Mode is a technique that Naruto learned from the toads on Mount Myoboku.
  • It enhances his physical abilities, strength, speed, and senses.
  • It also allows him to sense and harness natural energy.

Tailed Beast Mode

  • Naruto has a unique ability to access the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox, a powerful-tailed beast sealed within him.
  • He gains immense strength, chakra reserves, and regeneration abilities by tapping into this power.
  • He can also access the chakra and abilities of other tailed beasts, as he has established a rapport with them throughout the series.

Sasuke’s abilities

Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Sasuke


  • Sasuke is highly skilled in various ninjutsu techniques.
  • He has a vast arsenal of jutsu, including the Chidori, Fire Release Jutsu, and the Susanoo.
  • He also has an affinity for lightning nature chakra, which he uses to augment his jutsu.


  • Sasuke is highly skilled in taijutsu, which he learned from his mentor, Orochimaru, and later improved upon.
  • He has incredible speed and reflexes, which he combines with his swordsmanship skills to deadly effect.


  • Sasuke is proficient in genjutsu, which he uses to trap and confuse his opponents.
  • He has also demonstrated resistance to genjutsu due to his Sharingan.


  • Sasuke possesses the Sharingan, a powerful dojutsu that grants him heightened visual abilities.
  • With the Sharingan, Sasuke can perceive and copy his opponent’s techniques, predict their movements, and even read their thoughts to a certain extent.


  • Later in the series, Sasuke also awakened the Rinnegan, a legendary dojutsu that grants him god-like powers.
  • With the Rinnegan, Sasuke can manipulate gravity, teleport himself and others, and even summon a powerful mythical creature, the Susanoo.
  • He can also use the Rinnegan to absorb and control the chakra.

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Naruto and Sasuke’s battle history

Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Sasuke

1. Naruto and Sasuke’s first encounter

  • They first met as children at the Ninja Academy in Konoha.
  • Sasuke was seen as a genius, and Naruto as a troublemaker.
  • Naruto admired Sasuke and wanted to be his friend, but Sasuke didn’t reciprocate the sentiment.

2. Naruto and Sasuke’s fight at the Valley of the End

  • This was their second major encounter after Sasuke left Konoha to pursue power from Orochimaru.
  • The fight was brutal and resulted in both of them sustaining severe injuries.
  • Naruto tried to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, but Sasuke refused and instead left with Orochimaru.

3. Naruto and Sasuke’s fight during the Fourth Great Ninja War

  • Their third and final major encounter was where they fought as enemies.
  • Sasuke had become a rogue ninja, seeking to end the cycle of hatred and protect the village in his way.
  • Naruto tried to stop Sasuke, believing in the power of friendship and cooperation to bring peace.
  • The intense fight caused massive destruction, but they eventually reached mutual understanding and reconciliation.

Comparison of Naruto and Sasuke’s strength

Strength FactorsNarutoSasuke
Physical strengthPossesses immense physical strength, lifting massive objects and delivering powerful punches and kicks.Possesses impressive physical strength, performing acrobatic feats and delivering powerful blows.
SpeedExceptionally fast, able to move at superhuman speeds and easily dodge attacks.He is extremely fast and able to move at high speeds and use his Sharingan to predict and evade attacks.
Chakra reservesPossesses a vast amount of chakra, thanks to being the reincarnation of Asura and having Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, sealed within him.Possesses a large amount of chakra due to his Uchiha lineage and training.
Intelligence and strategic thinkingThough not the most academically intelligent, Naruto has shown excellent strategic thinking and problem-solving skills in battle.Sasuke is highly intelligent and analytical, able to analyze and develop quickly strategies in battle. He is also a skilled manipulator and can deceive his opponents.


Q1. 5 Characters That Are Stronger Than Sasuke
Ans. Here are five characters from the Naruto series which are considered stronger than Sasuke:

  1. Kaguya Otsutsuki: The ultimate antagonist of the series, Kaguya possesses immense strength and the ability to manipulate space-time.
  2. Hagoromo Otsutsuki: The Sage of Six Paths and the creator of the ninja world, Hagoromo possesses god-like powers and is considered the strongest character in the series.
  3. Naruto Uzumaki: The main protagonist of the series, Naruto is one of the strongest ninjas ever, possessing immense physical strength, chakra reserves, and the ability to use Sage Mode and Six Paths Sage Mode.
  4. Madara Uchiha: A legendary Uchiha clan member, Madara possesses powerful sharing abilities and the ability to use the Rinnegan.
  5. Hashirama Senju: The First Hokage and the co-founder of Konoha, Hashirama possesses incredible physical strength and the ability to use Wood Style jutsu.

Q2. Can anyone surpass Naruto?
Ans. The problem is that Naruto put in a ton of training, and that Hagoromo Otsutsuki’s Six Paths abilities helped him improve even more. Sasuke is reportedly the only person who can compete with Naruto in a battle.

Q3. Who can defeat Sasuke?
Ans. Itachi, however, unquestionably has the advantage in genjutsu, and that is all it takes to beat Sasuke. He also knows more about the Sharingan than Sasuke does. Itachi has genjutsu skills that Sasuke never appears to equal. Sasuke seemed to have little ability to combat it throughout their fight.

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