Why Does Itachi Have His Arm Out : Hidden Meaning

Why Does Itachi Have His Arm Out : Hidden Meaning

Many Naruto fans have been piqued by Itachi Uchiha’s arm being exposed in several sequences since it is not immediately evident why he would reveal his arm in the middle of combat. However, it is now commonly believed that Itachi’s missing arm is a symptom of his condition, known as “Shisui Uchiha’s Kotoamatsukami.”

This sickness led Itachi to feel severe exhaustion and discomfort, making it impossible for him to fight for lengthy periods. It also caused his arm to quiver violently, making it impossible for him to properly perform jutsu and wield weapons. As a result, Itachi exposed his arm in various situations to enable it to rest and heal from the stress of fighting.

Despite the original mystery surrounding Itachi’s arm, it is now commonly understood as a physical expression of his disease. This adds another depth of complexity to Itachi’s character and emphasises his enormous sacrifice to defend his loved ones despite suffering from a crippling sickness.

Why is Itachi’s arm out of his cloak?

Why does itachi have his arm out

Itachi Uchiha was an intriguing and mysterious character in the ” Naruto ” anime series.” Itachi’s habit of keeping his arm outside his cloak, whether in cold weather or during the fight, was one of his most distinguishing qualities. This strange conduct has perplexed admirers for years, but the truth has now been disclosed.

Itachi's Arm: A Symptom of Disease

Contrary to common opinion, Itachi’s exposed arm was neither a fashion statement nor a form of intimidation. It was, in reality, a sign of a terrible sickness he had been battling for years. Itachi’s condition was caused by a strong technique called “Shisui Uchiha’s Kotoamatsukami.”

Kotoamatsukami by Shisui Uchiha was a strong genjutsu that enabled the practitioner to manipulate the thoughts of others. Itachi had utilised this method to safeguard the town and his loved ones, but the consequences were dire. Itachi had great weariness and agony due to the procedure, and he often needed to uncover his arm to relieve these symptoms.

The Meaning of Itachi's Sacrifice

Itachi’s determination to employ Shisui Uchiha’s Kotoamatsukami, despite its negative consequences on his health, demonstrated his devotion to his community and family. He made the sacrifice voluntarily, knowing it would eventually lead to his death. Itachi’s exposed arm was a mark of his courage and a memory of his sacrifice.

Itachi’s exposed arm was a powerful depiction of his pain and sacrifice rather than a minor element in his look. Itachi’s tale inspires many followers, and his reputation as a selfless hero will live on.

Describe the nature of the illness, its effects, and its origin.

Itachi Uchiha’s condition was caused by his usage of Shisui Uchiha’s Kotoamatsukami, a strong ninjutsu technique that enabled him to manipulate the minds of others. The approach was a double-edged sword since it had serious negative effects exacerbated with continued usage.

Itachi’s major symptom was excessive weariness, which left him feeling fatigued and drained most of the time. This exhaustion was often accompanied by acute agony, which Itachi characterised as “like a thousand needles piercing my body.” Itachi struggled to function regularly, much alone fighting at full vigour, as a result of these ailments.

Shisui Uchiha’s Kotoamatsukami technique, which needed a large amount of chakra and mental energy to utilise, was the source of Itachi’s sickness. The method rewired the target’s brain at the expense of the user’s mind and body. In Itachi’s instance, he had employed the procedure many times, gradually causing his health to deteriorate.

Despite being aware of the dangers, Itachi continued to use the method to defend his tribe and loved ones. He made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his brother Sasuke, which resulted in his death. Itachi’s sickness reminds us of the severe cost of employing strong jutsu and the sacrifices that certain ninjas make to defend their people.

Examples of scenes where itachi’s arm was out

Why does itachi have his arm out

Itachi Uchiha’s exposed arm was a distinguishing part of his appearance, symbolising his battle with a crippling sickness. Here are some situations from anime and manga in which Itachi’s arm was exposed due to his illness:

Itachi vs Sasuke: 

Itachi’s arm was noticeably trembling throughout their last combat, and he strained to keep it stable. This was an obvious sign of his disease’s physical toll on him.

Itachi vs. Kakashi: 

Itachi used his arm to keep himself stable while fighting Kakashi in this encounter. His arm trembled, and he was plainly in agony, demonstrating how badly his disease impacted him.

Itachi vs. Orochimaru: 

Itachi’s arm was out throughout this battle as he prepared to utilise the Amaterasu. However, he tried to control the technique, and his arm aggressively trembled. This incident demonstrated how his sickness affected his ability to execute even the most basic ninja skills.

Itachi's Death: 

Itachi died with his arm out as he lay on the ground, having used all of his energy protecting his sibling Sasuke. This incident was a sad reminder of Itachi’s devotion and willingness to endure excruciating pain and suffering to protect the people he cared about.

How did the illness affect Itachi’s ability?

Itachi’s condition hampered his capacity to battle by leaving him exhausted and in excruciating agony. He made up for his physical shortcomings with knowledge, strategic planning, and genjutsu. Itachi’s analytical intellect allowed him to recognize and exploit his opponents’ vulnerabilities.

At the same time, his knowledge of genjutsu enabled him to dominate the battlefield and compel his opponents to fight on his terms. Despite his physical limitations, Itachi never gave up and was prepared to make whatever sacrifice was required to preserve his town and loved ones, making him one of the series’ most admired characters.


Itachi’s condition was a great difficulty for him since it hampered his capacity to fight. He made up for his physical shortcomings with knowledge, strategic planning, and genjutsu. His analytical mind enabled him to predict his opponent’s actions and devise a plan to counter them, while his knowledge of genjutsu enabled him to command the battlefield.

Despite his physical limitations, Itachi never gave up and was prepared to make any sacrifice to defend his town and loved ones, making him a real Naruto hero.


Q1. Why does Sasuke hate his elder brother?
Ans. Sasuke despises his older brother because he blames Itachi for the tragic events in his past and considers him the source of all his anguish and suffering.

Q2. Why is there a line in Itachi’s face?
Ans. It’s no wonder that his wrinkles have worsened. So, the simple solution to why the Akatsuki member has wrinkles on his face is stress and, most likely, heredity.

Q3. How bad was Itachi’s illness?
Ans. He couldn’t keep his repressed feelings under control forever. Thus they materialised as Itachi’s disease. Everything he wanted to say but couldn’t become a form of cancer that steadily ate away at him until he died. Itachi says during the Fourth Shinobi War that he sees his life as a failure.

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